AestheticHome for KLWP v2018.Jan.30.12 APK [Latest]

AestheticHome for KLWP

***This is not a stand alone app. It is a preset for KLWP Live Wallpaper Pro Key***

First you need to download these apps:

-Nova Launcher Pro
-KLWP Pro Key


-In nova select 1 pages, and hide dock.
-In KLWP go to menu, load preset, and under ‘Installed’ choose AestheticHome, or click on the AestheticHome app in your app drawer.
-Set KLWP to 1 pages
-Under globals, click on ProfileP to change the profile picture.
-Go to menu, and select ‘Set as wallpaper’, and click apply
-Press the save button, exit the app, and enjoy!
-When using the preset, you can press the menu button at the top left and use the toggles to turn WiFi on/off, go from light to dark mode, and toggle the Nav bar (if you have on screen nav buttons).
-To access your app drawer, go to Nova Settings, then Gestures & Inputs, an for the swipe up gesture select App Drawer. Now you just swipe up on your screen and the app drawer will show up.


AestheticHome for KLWP v2018.Jan.30.12 APK / Mirror

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